5 Incredible Hockey Products to Up Your Game

5 Incredible Hockey Products to Up Your Game

If you like to play hockey, then you already know. Hockey is a tough sport, with a lot of competition. Practicing with great hockey products that will cause you to get stronger, faster, and more accurate in your shots is the perfect way to maximize your hockey skills. There is no reason to waste your time with things that won’t work, so we have put together a fantastic list of 5 incredible hockey training aids that will bring real results. Remember, the only way any hockey product will do you any good is if you use it. Don’t let your tools sit around and collect dust.

Synthetic Ice

Synthetic ice is a type of flooring that was designed specifically for ice skaters. It is made from strong, long-lasting polymer plastic. The panels are easy to install and provides a great ice skating area. Synthetic ice is perfect for people that want to skate at home and continue to practice honing their skills in all types of weather conditions.

Dryland Hockey Flooring

Dryland hockey flooring is a type of flooring that is meant for players to rollerblade on, or practice in tennis shoes. It is similar to synthetic ice because it is made out of rugged polymer plastic, but it is not meant for ice skates. It comes in convenient 1-foot by one-foot squares and is incredibly easy to install. You can build a small area to shoot pucks from, or you can build a whole rink. The surface is slick so that the pucks and the stick blades glide across much like they would on ice flooring.

Hockey Shooting Tarp

A hockey shooting tarp is one of the most important training tools that a player can have. Shooting tarps are large tarps that have a goalie embedded into the vinyl along with target holes so that the shooter can pinpoint spots and continually practice the areas that need to be strengthened. The tarps can come in either 8 feet tall, or 7 feet tall depending on the height of the area that you want to protect. With a length of 16 feet, they are more than enough protection for most household walls and appliances. If your area is less than 16 feet wide, it is easy to shorten the area of coverage by simply hanging what you need and letting the leftover hang to the side.

Hockey Passer and Rebounder

Another great hockey training aid is a hockey passer/rebounder. With this amazing tool you can strengthen your passing and receive skills at the same time. When a hockey passer is coupled with a shooting tarp , or some other hockey shooting training aid, it can provide an exercise that will allow the player to hone the greatest one-timer shots as well as fabulous deke moves. You get to control how fast and hard the puck goes and comes back to you. This way you build incredible accuracy skills for shooting, and passing.

Hockey Shooting Pad

For the players that don’t have the room to lay down a whole flooring area, there is a great solution that will allow for ice-like shooting practice. The hockey shooting pad is lightweight and compact, but it gives a ton of leverage for the person that is committed to training and learning how to shoot the puck. It is slick enough to mimic the smooth surface of an ice rink as the puck slides across it, and it is small enough to roll up and take with you wherever you go. Whether you practice shooting pucks at home with a shooting tarp or shoot pucks into a field you can practice your swing anywhere without needing to have a permanent hockey rink area.


There you have it, now you don’t have an excuse. There is a solution to every problem that could hinder you from practicing regularly. If you don’t have the room for a complete hockey flooring, you can simply practice on a shooting mat. Whatever it is that you do and continue to practice on, just keep it up.