Awesome Drills For Sniper’s Edge Floor Tiles

Floor Tiles

Sniper’s Edge Floor Tiles are really popular these days. Also known as dryland tiles – or “slick tiles”-, they can absolutely bring a large amount of power to your game if you practice on them regularly. 


Once you have your tiles set up and in place make sure that you set up your hockey shooting tarp. Position yourself back from the goal of about 10 to 15 feet. Have a pile of pucks or biscuits ready to go within a short reach of your stick. With each puck that you pull from the pile bring it to you and slap it back and forth left to right, right to left 4 times then practice a sharp backhand shot straight to the goal. With each shot shoot for different targets on the tarp. Go low to start, then shoot high left and right.


Get more out of your slick tiles and practice your passing skills with some help from a Passmaster. Set yourself up about 7 feet from the goal. Put the PassMaster approximately 36 inches away from you. Have a pile of pucks set up within reach close enough for  you to get a bit of a stretch when you take one to use. Aim for the center of the PassMaster with moderate heat in order to get the puck to shoot straight back at you. Pass the puck three times, then shift to the next side of the triangle and do the same there. Make your way around the triangle 5 times then go for a one-timer in the goal.


Sniper’s Edge slick tiles are built to withstand the wear and tear of hockey players. This means they are tough. You can spend hours honing your stickhandling skills with the help of a stickhandling trainer and not have to worry about ruining the flooring. The greatest athletes in the world have had to create training methods at one time or another because the needs of the game are always changing. When you train from home, by yourself, it can actually provide an extra edge because your body and brain are learning how to adapt. Even if you have to focus on passing that puck back and forth between your left and right hands, the slick tiles will help to build the skills it takes to master the stick.


Shooting and scoring points are two different things. Sometimes you have to shoot all the way from the other end to get closer to the goal. This could be considered passing, but if you are aiming for the goal it is considered as “shooting.” Utilize your tiles as a way to improve your long shots. It is astounding when a shooter slaps that puck across the rink without flaw and into the goal. Because of the slick design of the Sniper’s Edge tiles, it is possible to make long shots. Get as far away from the goal as you possibly can and start shooting your pile of pucks at the tarp. Shoot for high right and left. See where the puck hits the tarp and practice these long shots until you get them perfectly.

Keep At It

When you get a great set of shooting tiles set up at your house there is never an excuse for you not to practice. Take the time and make the effort to hone your skills on a regular basis. Some of the greatest players in the world got where they are by being consistent and continually sharpening their skills. You will only be as great as you allow yourself to be.