Difference Between 9006 vs 9012 Led Bulb: Let’s Compare

Difference Between 9006 vs 9012 Led Bulb: Let’s Compare

9012 LED

The 9012 bulbs, additionally referred to as the HIR2 foot, are getting extraordinarily famous in automobiles which includes Fortuner, Vios G version, and Yaris. In addition, this LED 9012 may be used for Halogen lamp types that use ball bearings which include projectors. In addition, one of the function that make the 9012/HIR2 LED Headlight Bulbs one of a Kind from many lamps at the modern marketplace is that they’re synthetic through the producer with a twin function, including “Low Beam” and “Phase,” that is specific and handy for users.


First of all, you may note the capability distinction among the 2 factors in which the light bulb operates. Basically, 9006 or 9012 now no longer have a voltage distinction. By following the parameters indexed at the bulb’s housing, you may make sure that they’ve the quite identical voltage at 12V.

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One of the primary factors that make the distinction among those  forms of lighting is the capability. Wattage is generally understood as the quantity of energy used or operated through a mild bulb. With every exclusive kind of lamp, the difference can be extra specific to the distinction in power. If the 9012 has a lamp capability of fifty five watts, the 9006 led bulbs have a capability starting from fifty five watts to eighty watts. Usually, a few manufacturers of light bulbs available in the marketplace may have a complete load of eighty watts or less. In general, the wattage of a bulb, whether or not huge or small, has pros and cons. However, some people declare that the 9012 bulb is brighter than the 9006 bulbs.


Next, one of the different variations among 9006 and 9012 is brightness. In general, each 9006 and 9012 bulbs are latest and feature advanced intelligence in comparison to different bulbs However, a few professionals declare that the 9012 bulb has advanced brightness because of its light output of 1875 lumens, at the same time as the 9006 LED has best one thousand lumens. However, one thousand lumens is likewise the important brightness, and you could now no longer know, the 9012 is on the top of the brightest bulbs available in the marketplace.

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