Everything You Need to Consider When Buying New Car Tyres

Tyres are a crucial part of how your car operates, and you need to be careful of how you get them. You may look at buying new car tyres as a simple part of your car maintenance, but it isn’t. There are certain things that you need to look at when buying new car tyres. When you are getting new car tyres, you need to look at safety as they contribute to its safety. Below are some of the things you need to look at when you buy a new car tire.

Type of Tyres

It doesn’t matter if you’re shopping at Garden City Tyres in Toowoomba, or at Goodyear tyres in New York City, the first thing you need to look at when getting new tyres is the type of tyres you need. With several options from the tire options in the market. here are some of the options you need to look at

  • Performance all-season
  • All-season
  • All-season truck tyres
  • Performance winter/snow tyres
  • All-terrain truck tyres

Fuel Economy

When you look at tyres, you need to look at the ones with the fuel economy. Bridgestone Firestone North America report shows that different tyres contribute to at least 15% – 20% of the fuel economy.

To determine this, you need to look at

  • Check specs for efficiency grade on the tyres
  • A tire with low rolling resistance
  • Get original equipment tire for the car


Noise is another aspect of tyres that you need to look at when getting new tyres. You need to go for the ones with less noise – and this can make a difference when you drive on the highway. When you drive in the city at low speeds, you won’t notice the noise on the tyres. Ask the store assistant for the less noisy tyres when you go to get new tyres. The same kind of treads can make a different noise level, and the store assistant will direct you to the quiet ones.

Tire Code

You also need to check the tire code before you get the new tyres. Most of the info about the tyres can be found on the tire code. These are the main specs about the tire and how to use it. The other info you can get when you look at the tire code is the load capacity and speed ratings. You also get the rim diameter and so on – it’s the best place to find out if the tire will fit on your rims.


When you are looking at getting car tyres, you need to know that there are two types of warranties that you can get. The manufacturer offers a tread warranty and defect protection. Some of the top companies in the business will seek to provide both guarantees. Unfortunately, it usually means that the tyres wear out faster before you get a warranty, especially those for miles.

Tips When Buying New Tyres For Your Car

There are several things that you need to look at when you want to get new car tyres. The essential ones are listed above. They are the ones you need to pay close attention to when you want to get new tyres.