Factors To Consider When Selecting A Fire Damage Restoration Company

Fire damages release smoke to the environment and within the property causing property damage. Examples of destructions caused by fire and smoke are burned furniture, holes through the rooftop, and burned suitcases. Fire damage restoration companies offer immediate clean-up and restoration services to affected homes of commercial buildings. They do repairs and replacements of the damaged property returning it to its original state and with improved properties.

The best fire restoration companies have the following traits

  • Safety and health certifications
  • Insurance
  • Up-to-date training
  • Appropriate licenses
  • References

Fire damage restoration is a process with several unique steps. Each of the steps has a significance in the process. Fire restoration procedures include

Initial Contact

The first thing a homeowner should do in case of fire damage to the property is contacting the fire restoration service provider. A property owner should have a trustworthy fire restoration provider in case of an unexpected fire starts. Emergencies may require immediate action from restoration specialists.


Once a fire restoration company is contacted, a professional is sent to the site to examine and analyze the extent of the fire damage. They carry out tests to establish the cause of the fire and the possible solutions. A restoration plan is also provided to the property owner after the inspection process.

Board up and tarping

This step involves the covering of holes made on the windows, roof, and doors to keep out any wild animals and thieves. The holes are boarded, and tarps are placed on all the rooftop openings.

Smoke and soot clean up

Smoke and soot clean-up is the most important step in the fire damage restoration process. Without immediate clean-up of a fire-damaged area, soot begins to form causing discoloration of items, rust, acid stains, and acid residues. If the premise is left for a longer time without clean up the acid residues cause extreme damage hence permanent property damage. Additionally, soot is very harmful to residents and can grow to become layers. Fire restoration companies use different techniques and tools to reinstate the building to its original state. The cleaning process also includes disinfection of the area and removal of soot stuck on fibrous materials.

Odor Removal

Deodorization is done using advanced techniques eg hydroxyl machines. Fire and soot leave behind unpleasant odors. Restoration companies offer efficient services of odor removal leaving the property comfortable as before.

Water Damage Restoration

Fire damage may cause water pipes to burst hence leading to water damage. Most fire damage restoration companies also provide water damage restoration services to the property. This is because during the fire put out, water is used by extinguishers making the whole area wet. In case of broken water systems, the technicians identify the water source and repair the fault. Water removal requires the use of extraction technology eg submersible pumps for excess water accumulation and through drying is done using dehumidifiers. Finally, decontamination of the area is done to eliminate any disease-causing microorganisms reducing the risk of health and environmental issues.

Complete restoration

Not all fire companies offer restoration services. The restoration process involves the replacement and repair of damaged items. Minor and major repairs like reconstruction are done by the contractors from the fire company. Rebuilding and remodeling are sometimes done using more efficient material that will help prevent the occurrence of other damage.

Contacting fire restoration companies immediately helps to prevent more destruction. In most cases, it is key to contact them on the same day the fire incident occurs. Experts are required to do the cleaning and restoration process because inefficient cleaning makes the damages worse. If fire damage restoration is not done in time, further damages occur to the property due to the formation of soot and smoke. Examples of damages caused in case of delays in the restoration process include

  1. Metal corrosion and rusting
  2. Wood furniture deterioration hence require refinishing
  3. Permanently yellowed walls
  4. Permanently stained upholstery
  5. Replacement of vinyl flooring

Before hiring a fire restoration company, it is important to evaluate and analyze to ensure the services offered will be quality. Below are some considerations that can help ensure a property owner gets great services that will not lead to further damages or frequent revisits.

Inquire about the certifications and credentials the company has. This is to ensure that the company’s services are standard and have accreditations. Licensing and accreditation of companies prove they are genuine and offer excellent services.

Check and ensure that the company has some experience in offering restoration services and that they can handle the insurance company requirements as the process proceeds.

Ask one how many fire damage restoration services the company has offered and when the last one was done to access their ability to deal with the current damages.

A highly regarded fire restoration company not only offers complete services but also ensures perfect customer service.

Suitable fire restoration companies work directly with the property insurance company. Professionals in the business have the necessary experience in working with insurance companies to make the process swift and easy for the owner.

Finally, it is advisable to ask for a budget and details on how long the restoration process will take. They should be able to do free estimation and inspection services. The best fire restoration companies work quickly and do not take much time to return the property to its proper state.


Trustworthy fire damage restoration companies offer repair maintenance and restoration services to business and residential buildings. Disasters such and fire and water damage lead to extreme property damage if not dealt with quickly. Fire restoration services are supposed to be done by experts since they have the necessary skills, equipment, tools, and cleaning chemicals. Other services that are also important include disinfection of the premises and deodorization of the area and property.