How Sniper’s Edge Floor Tiles Work

Sniper's Edge Floor Tiles

Sniper’s Edge floor tiles are the type of investment that will give you a return of a hundredfold when it comes to cultivating and sharpening championship hockey skills. They are made with a durable polymer that is so tough that you can park a truck on it. Because of this durability, they last a long time and are able to withstand all of the abuse that a hockey practice session could dish out. They are great for training, and great for games if you have enough room for a whole rink.

Setting Up Hockey Flooring Tiles

When you set up your floor tiles, although they can work in all different types of terrains, you want the area to be flat and without dips or bumps. The flatter the base surface, the better your experience will be. Once you have a sufficient area to place your tiles, it is easy as a snap to put them together. Lay one tile out on the floor, and grab the next one from the box, or wherever you have it, and push the tabs from one tile into the grooves on the next. Keep working one at a time until you have your area full of tiles and are ready for the next step.

Check Your Tiles

Once you have your tiles placed correctly on the surface, double-check for dips and cracks on the flooring. Just go over the area and if any of the connected areas need to be tightened, or pushed in do it. Your hockey flooring should be seamless and as smooth as ice. Have a good look at the whole area and once you are satisfied with the layout you can begin to practice, or play in your area.

Practice Your Shots

Your new hockey flooring should be a lot like ice. Slick tiles were made so that the puck will glide over the surface much like it would as if it were on ice. The best way to practice your shots is to install a Sniper’s Edge shooting tarp on a wall near your practice area. Since the tiles are much like ice, you can benefit from the way your body learns to move to make the shots that you practice. Get yourself a pile of pucks and concentrate on a single shot until you perfect it. The tiles can handle your practice sessions, so take advantage of your awesome training aids, and become unstoppable.

No Ice Skates on Tiles

Although your dryland flooring is a lot like ice for pucks, it is not the same way with ice skates. You can practice on roller blades, or shoes but to practice your ice skating moves you would need to install synthetic ice panels as flooring. Don’t let this get you down, though. When you practice your shooting skills, passing skills, and stickhandling skills on dryland flooring, your muscle memory will kick in and be there for you when you need it the most. The skills you learn while training on dryland tiles will follow you to the ice rink, in a real game.