How To Avoid Pressure Cooker Accidents?

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In the past few years, useful kitchen tool Pressure Cookers exploding more. Because of this problem, many people fear this accident. So now the question arises what can we do to stay protected? However, safety and protection is our requirement. Moreover, people search mostly on the internet, how to keep Pressure Cooker safe and avoid Pressure Cooker accidents.

Safety Tips to Keep in Mind to Avoid Pressure Cooker Accidents

  • Check equipment before cooking- this is the important safety measure one should keep in mind before turning on the Pressure Cooker. Make sure you check the rubber gasket is appropriately fitted before cooking with a pressure cooker. The rubber gasket should not have any crack, and nor it has worn out from anywhere. However, experts suggest that the rubber gasket must change once a year. Moreover, you can keep an extra rubber gasket to replace it quickly. Whenever you find a ripped gasket, you must replace it with a new one. Furthermore, avoid dried food around the rim to avoid breakage of the basket.

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  • Avoid over-fill Pressure Cooker– Excessively filled Pressure Cooker may have chances to build pressure. It is due to more liquid inside it. However, in a stove-top pressure cooker, chances are more to explode. But in an electric cooker, it might easily turn off. Moreover, overfilling the cooker may cause losses in food texture and taste. Furthermore, it also breaks down necessary minerals and vitamins in the food. Therefore, always ignore to full fill steel pressure cooker more than 66% of liquids. However, if you over-fill the Pressure Cooker, your food will not cook properly.
  • Avoid open lid until all pressure releases- this is necessary to avoid whatever kind of dangerous accidents. Before opening the pressure cooker lid, you can wait for natural releases of pressure. Expert recommends that wait at least 10 minutes before open the lid. However, you can wait a maximum of 30 minutes until the pot leaves all pressure. Moreover, the latest steel pressure cooker launched in the market does not anyone to open the forceful lid. The actual process to avoid a burst pressure cooker is first to turn off the cooker, then let release the pressure before open the pot.
  • Properly clean your Pressure Cooker– regular cleaning of the pressure cooker may avoid chances of burst and keeps you safe. Expel the gasket and pot and wash with good cleansing soap and water. However, you can clean the pressure cooker either with a microfiber cloth or a sponge. Remove all dirt by deeper cleaning with warm water. Always check all trace will be clean properly with soap. Now check the sealing ring, its looseness, and cracks. It will maintain moisture in a steel pressure cooker.


In the end, we suggest reading all manuals on how to use the Pressure cooker. Inspect each part of your Pressure Cooker before its usage. However, to buy premiums quality pressure cookers at the best buying price. However, you can visit this link VINODCOOKWARE.COM.