How You and Your Teammates Can Benefit from Aikido

You may have heard of aikido, and perhaps you know a little about it, such as how it’s a form of self-defence and how it has a number of benefits. But for one reason or another, perhaps you never really gave it much thought, or simply showed passing interest in this martial arts form. Now, maybe it’s come up as an option for corporate training Sydney experience, or a colleague is asking for ideas on what kind of group training to suggest, and you’re wondering if aikido is a viable option.

Fortunately, aikido is a very good choice for corporate training, and not just because of the physical benefits. Here’s how you and any colleagues you train with can benefit from “the way of the harmonious spirit”.

Conditions Both Body and Mind

There may be no competition, matches, or sparring, but aikido is just as physically and mentally challenging as other martial arts can be. This martial arts form trains the mind as much as it exercises the body, with you and your teammates learning how to defend yourselves while putting safety above all else and avoiding injury to even bystanders.

As you can probably tell, such training will not just help you lose weight and stay fit, but it will also help you learn to stay focused and grounded in the present. This means less muscle tension and better mobility, helping you to move better even in the office. Better focus thanks to mental conditioning means you’ll be able to get more done so you’re not overburdened as the workweek goes on.

Improves Balance and Flexibility

No one is immune to the effects of aging, but certain practices can help you condition your body so you learn how to prevent yourself from falling and hurting yourself. That’s not to say you won’t take the occasional tumble; however, you and your co-workers will be less likely to trip over your own feet, not to mention less likely to need time off work to recover from an injury.

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This is because aikido training helps you learn not just how to keep your balance, but also how to fall safely. Since you’ll be able to break your fall while dispersing the impact so that no one joint or limb takes the full force, you’ll gain physical resilience and will be less prone to injuries even off the mat.

Improves Conflict Management and Cooperation

Aikido can help people grow more confidence in themselves and in their social interactions with other people, not to mention better equip them to approach conflicts calmly and rationally. As mentioned above, aikido is the way of harmony, and so practitioners learn how not to panic when faced with certain situations, but instead step back and see better what needs to be done in order to reach a resolution.

In other words, you and your colleagues will be able to better work with each other, leading to you getting more work done as a group thanks to your cooperation and ability to minimise conflict.

These benefits make a strong case for aikido as a corporate training option in Sydney, and you can see why. If any or all of the above are appealing to you, then it really would be in your best interest to start training in aikido.