Team Basketball Shooting Machine Drills with Shoot-A-Way Guns

Basketball Shooting

There was a time when the word smart had a different meaning and use. But with technological development, this word became synonymous with tech-savviness as a whole. People are now prone to use smartphones, smart TVs, and even intelligent cars and homes. But what is smart technology! It is nothing but any tool that enables you to work smartly and intelligently. The concept of hard work is being replaced with smart work with the help of these technological wonders. But how this new age smartness has impacted the sports world? Or, to be more specific, a basketball game!

Apart from sensor shoes and different timers, the revolutionary product that is leveling up practice basketball shooting is the basketball shooting machine.

Not aware of it! No worries. Read on to get an idea about this innovative product and team basketball shooting machine drills.

Facility Basketball Machine: How Technology Is Shifting the Paradigm?

Today’s level-headed basketball coaches are smart enough to accept and utilize the boon of technology for the innovative rebounder basketball machine. These mentors try their best to create another Chicago Bulls by implementing new rules and a new perspective.

Accepting basketball shooting machine schools is an example of this kind of out of the box thinking. They utilize this basketball machine to encourage the kids to practice basketball shooting with more precision and gradually build their temperament.

So What Are All the Benefits That a Facility Basketball Machine Can Give You?

With equipment like the Gun by Shoot-A-Way, each player gets a chance to accelerate their skill development and well utilize their energy. Here are the pros of this machine:

  • It’s not location bound: those days are gone when coaches had to choose a specific facility to practice basketball shooting. With this cutting-edge technology, players can enjoy advanced training anywhere.
  • Analytics:Shoot-a-Way’s facility basketball machine provides apt analytics to track the out-of-order passing and improve agility strategically.
  • Automatic Rebounder:This rebounder basketball machine rebounds each made or missed shot and give the player chances to make another shot from a direct pass.
  • Customization:Be it controlling the tempo or choosing the location, players can customize the small aspects of the throw and pass as per their expertise and skill level. Having these kinds of options is very much needed to train different players of different proficiency in a team.

Team Basketball Shooting Machine Drills: Skills That Need to Be Developed with A Shoot-A-Way Gun

Though there are a plethora of basketball shooting machine drills, here we are focusing on 3 of such drills.

Pressure Shooting

When it comes to basketball shooting drill, a coach always tries to make the players understand one unavoidable fact, i.e., playing under a bit of defensive pressure. Only a game-like scenario can help the trainees develop the needed skills and practice accordingly.

So here is an imaginary scenario to make you understand the drill.

  • Player X will receive a pass from the Gun.
  • Then he or she will catch and immediately pass it to Player Y.
  • Player Z is the one who will closeout to the shooter.
  • Here Player Y is catching and shooting under pressure.


Training a player to get open is another skill that coaches focus on. Let’s see how basketball shooting machine schools can help with this:

  • Player X will stand under the basket and starts from there.
  • Then he or she will run up the lane, move towards the wing and get a pass from Shoot-A-Way gun.
  • Player X will finish at the rim and then practice with the other wing in the same pattern.

Drive and Kick

Basically, this drill can be renamed as Drive-Draw-Kick drill. This drill starts with an attacking closeout and ends with kicking towards an open teammate. Let’s demonstrate:

  • Player X will attack the paint through dribbling after receiving the pass from the Gun.
  • Player X then will kick to Player Y.
  • Player Y will then attacks the paint and kicks to Player Z with two dribbles.
  • Player Z will take the corner 3.

Apart from the drills mentioned above, there are a few more drills that are essential in practice basketball shooting and worth mentioning. These are:

  • Baseline Shooting Drill
  • Star Shooting
  • Triple Gap Shooting Drill.
  • 32 point Shooting etc.

All of these mentioned shooting drills can be practiced with a facility basketball machine or the Shoot-A-Way gun. We have already discussed this Gun’s upsides and how it can transform traditional basketball practice into smart practice overnight. Many coaches have already lauded the improved training quality after relying on basketball shooting machine. What is your view?