The Best Thigh Slimming Shapewear

Woman wearing jeans and bootsThe Autumn is slowly but surely creeping in and you will soon find yourself swapping your floaty summer dresses for skinny jeans again. Unfortunately, this leaves us with one small obstacle, which is the thighs. Whatever your shape might be, it is very hard to target tone the inner thighs, which is why thigh slimming is high on the list of requirements when shopping for shapewear for women.

Your Options

When choosing thigh slimming shapewear, you will realise that hips and thighs are all very interconnected. So, the best garments for shaping your thighs will start at the waist. Our top shapewear pieces offer comfortable and flexible wear for various budgets and occasions.

Shaping Skirts

Obviously not one for skinny jeans because of being cut as a skirt. Still, a shaping skirt is ideal for your slinky evening gown. If follows and supports the line of your formal dress thus presenting a clean, structured silhouette. The height at which support starts may vary. While some pieces sit on the waist, others sit under the bust, which offers tummy control too. Depending on the cut of your dress as well as what you feel most comfortable wearing, the choice is ultimately yours.

Shaping Shorts

For the unstoppable skinny jean look and close-cut trousers, these are where it is at. Your thigh-centred shaping starts at the waist, and therefore sits perfectly along the waistband of your jeans. Especially if you are concerned about flashing shapewear, this cut of short is ideal for providing some tummy control without the need to wear something up to your waist band.

Control or Long Leg Girdle

Such shapewear designs are usually anchored higher up the torso. In this way, you will have better tummy control as well as waist definition. This style works perfectly under both clingy gowns and pantsuits. It offers freedom of movement while providing an uninterrupted silhouette from bust to waist to thigh.

Tips for Choosing

If you take time to think about your priorities, you can quickly identify which piece of shapewear will work best for you. Much of it boils down to the outfit that sits on top. This will determine where the shaping is to start and where you don’t want it to show. Both of these things should be enough to give you an indication of the best starting point. Then it will be down to comfort since this is the most important aspect.


When choosing shapewear for slimming your thighs, chances are that you will be aiming for a tight fit look, whether it is a pantsuit, skinny jeans or a fishtail gown. Visible seams from the shapewear are always undesirable. So, ensure that you only shop for seamless garments.


The length of your shapewear is an equally important consideration. It may come down to visibility, if the dress you will be wearing has a split at the side, you should also consider the length of your shaping shorts.


Ensure that you consult the size guide and choose the right fit. Properly made shapewear for slimming the thighs should not deceive you with regards to sizing. To avoid any lumps and bumps, it is important to wear garments of the right size. Fit is an important consideration when buying shapewear, which is why you should only buy from stores that are crazy about it and offer the best quality shapewear and a decent returns policy.

Thigh Gap

Just for clarification purposes – this is a fiction. Never buy shapewear in search of a thigh gap. It is somewhat like looking for a unicorn. Quality shapewear should provide a smooth, uninterrupted, curvy silhouette that’s more desirable than an overhyped media fad.

So, whether you plan to drift back into Autumn fashion staples, glam up for the evening or simply love wearing jeans throughout the year, ensure that your comfort and style are supported. After all, it’s all about comfort and confidence. While the differences between thigh slimming options might be subtle, you should always take time to think about them and then you will definitely find the right shapewear for your needs.