The Impact of Intelligent Devices on Life

The Impact of Intelligent Devices on Life

We could see some smart wearable devices more than ten years ago. But only in movies and TV. They are cool and high-tech. These equipments are in the current science and technology exhibition. There have mart watches, glasses, headphones, etc. They have entered our lives. There are some equipment existing in exhibitions and televisions. These technical level and cost are so high.

The most eye-catching thing is Google’s smart glasses. It is a combination of micro projector, camera, sensor, storage, transmission and control equipment. It can integrate various functions in glasses, mobile phones and cameras. The glasses display information in the form of images in front of users. It adopts a cool computerized lens. To save the trouble of taking out from our pockets.

Its working principle is simple. A tiny miniature projectors project light onto a reflective screen. Then a convex lens refracts it to the eyeball. Then it realizes dreamy “first-level enlargement”. Form a virtual screen of sufficient size in front of people’s eyes. Display simple information and data. So, the glasses look like a wearable smart phone.

Maybe such high-tech glasses are too dreamy. You may look at the wrist device: HONOR MagicWatch 2. MagicWatch 2 looks more acceptable. This watch has a comprehensive human body monitoring function. All-day heart rhythm monitoring. Intelligent sleep monitoring. real-time pressure monitoring. Competent blood oxygen monitoring. Cardiac premature beat and atrial fibrillation detection. 15 different exercise modes. Internet media plays. Offline music plays. phone calls and answers. Super Bluetooth transmission. They are all available. It is an intelligent wearable device of health, sports, life and other multi-functional and multi-scene uses. Almost all aspects of life can be related to it.

Wearable devices are a trend in the development

Wearable devices are a trend in the development of science and technology.  These devices will become an indispensable part of our life sooner or later. They represent the future. Our future will be better with these scientific and technological products. These devices can bring us convenience and may cause threats and uneasiness. All new things will have a process of gradual acceptance. All the problems are not in the technology itself, but in their users. The ultimate goals of these wearable devices are benefiting our lives.