The News of Football


La Liga Titles

Latest news about the Spanish soccer world. The la liga winner title is a hot feature nowadays. FC Barcelona which faced lots of ups and down in the season but in recent matches the extra ordinary play by the team with the key player of every match Lionel Messi had taken its team from 11 number place to the 3rd one and the remaining fixture will be the decisive matches weather Fc Barca will be crowned as a champion or again Real Madrid will take the champions title by using Sports News “Definitely, It get the recognition, the attention and everyone reaching out.

Other than La Liga title recently FC Barcelona had won the Copa Del Rey title from the Atletico Bilbao. Lionel Messi shoots two amazing goals and de Jong and Griezmann also kept their name in the score sheet.

UEFA Championship

UEFA Title anchor sports news championship is also going on. After round of 16 just last 6 team made it to quarter finals. The defending champions Liverpool, Real Madrid, PSG, Porto Manchester City and Chelsea. The latest fixture between liver pool and real Madrid had won by real Madrid and from Porto and Chelsea, Chelsea has grounded the porta and took place in semi. Let’s enjoy the remaining fixtures.

Super league and Transfer

The latest hot rumours about super league have shaken the football world with its hard and tough rules for the team and majority of clubs seems no support to the super league title and given their thoughts and decision which should be best for the club.

Some of the hot transfer news in this year, Kaun Aguero the striker of Manchester city is in the last stage of signing his contract with Fc Barcelona. Neymar has not renewal his contract yet and showed his interest to play alongside Messi. Messi also shows interest to continue his career in the FC Barcelona.

Presidential Election

Recent presidential election of Fc Barcelona was done and Joan laporta has won the election and has become the 14th president of football club Barcelona. He showed interest and love to support his time with financial and betterment for the club. The current FC Barcelona financial condition are quite low so this season might not be the good transfer season. Don’t use the lob shot from the red line for easy scoring if you don’t want to break your friendships.

Football World

The season was quite difficult for the players as in the lockdown condition because of the penda ox disease the football ground are empty no supporter and crowd present in the ground to cheer up the players to perform well. Hope that this pandemic will end soon and the powerful support will be back too.

Cristiano Ronaldo is the one of the leading goal scorers with more goals than any other player in the history. Recently he had beaten the record of legendary Pelé. With his good physique and powerful ability to score goal Cristiano is still the 1st choice for any club.   Sorry. Only one was needed for hours of ice hockey fun on the Atari 2600.Published by Activision, it perhaps set the tone for all the milestones the gaming giant would achieve with its innovation. The fights are one of the strong points of the game. Strangely only the one who loses the fight who is penalized for the remains the power game strategy So here are a few of the best    of all time.

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