Types Of Sunglasses Frames That You Need to Know

Types Of Sunglasses Frames That You Need to Know

Sunglasses are a valuable accessory because they shield the eyes from dangerous UV rays, which can cause retinal damage over time. Furthermore, sunglasses can aid anti-glare, making it easier to see in direct sunshine. They also have a trendy appearance. However, if you are fashion sensitive, choose the best one that will fit your attire daily. So don’t worry; we will undoubtedly spill the beans in this article and show you the most fantastic sunglasses frame options to match your look. Come on, let’s have a look at this.

10 Types of Sunglasses Frames

There are several types of sunglasses frames, including:

1. Aviator 

Aviator sunglasses are a classic design initially developed for pilots in the 1930s. They feature a teardrop-shaped lens and a thin metal frame. The frame came from metal, such as gold or silver, and the arms of the glasses are typically light and straight. The lenses are generally large and made of reflective material to reduce glare.

2. Wayfarer

Wayfarers feature a square-shaped lens and a thick plastic frame. You will recognize them through their straight brow line and the distinct trapezoidal shape of the lenses. The frame is usually made of plastic and can come in various colors. The arms of the glasses are typically thick and made of plastic. Wayfarer sunglasses are known for being versatile and suitable for both.

3. Round


Round sunglasses have a round lens and can have either a metal or plastic frame. You will recognize this frame because of the shape of their lenses which are circle glasses frames. They can come in different sizes but are usually larger than other frames. They have a retro and vintage look reminiscent of the ’60s and ’70s fashion.

4. Cat-Eye

Cat-eye eyeglasses frames have a pointed, upward-angled lens and a thicker frame, often made of plastic. You will immediately notice them by their shape, which is similar to the form of a cat’s eye. The frame is usually plastic and can come in various colors and patterns.

5. Clubmaster

The club master frame has a unique design, combining elements of round and square frames. The upper part of the frame is plastic, and the lower part is metal, which gives them a distinct look. Clubmaster sunglasses have a half-rim design with a malleable upper and metal lower frame.

6. Rectangular

Rectangular sunglasses have a rectangular lens and can have a variety of frame styles, such as metal or plastic. The shape of their rectangular lenses characterizes them, they can come in different sizes, but they are usually larger than other types of frames.

7. Square

Square sunglasses have an unbiased lens and can have a variety of frame styles, such as metal or plastic. Square sunglasses are suitable for various face shapes, but they look best on those with angular or rectangular face shapes, as they can help complement the face’s natural lines.

8. Shield

Shield sunglasses have a large, wrap-around lens and minimal frame. You will notice this frame for its large, single shield-like lens that covers a significant portion of the face. This style is popular among men and women and can be worn for various occasions, casual or formal. They are often used for sports and outdoor activities as they provide maximum protection.

9. Sport

This frame has a durable design and features that provide maximum protection for specific sports or activities.

10. Rimless

This frame has no frame around the lens and attaches to the lens directly. Rimless sunglasses offer a light and comfortable fit, but they require more careful handling as they are not protected by a lens by a frame and can be easily scratched or damaged.


You now know the ten different types of sunglasses, and we hope you choose the ideal ones to complement your fashion sense. These are just a few items to watch out for this season.