What You Didn’t Know About Child Care Centre Shade Structures?

What You Didn’t Know About Child Care Centre Shade Structures?

Outdoor living is appealing to so many people and that has led to a rise in demand for shade structures. Child care centre shade structures are playing an essential role in providing a shade for children to sit or play under while enjoying the fresher air of the outdoors. These structures are a cost-effective way of protecting children from the harsh weather as they play outside.

The Need for Child Care Centre Shade Structures

Generally, children love playing outside in the child care centre playground. However, the incessant rains or hot climate may prevent them from enjoying the outdoors. That’s where the shade structures come in with a cost-effective solution.

Climate is constantly changing and schools and child care centres are realizing the benefits of using shade structures to provide shaded areas for the children. These structures are available in attractive designs and enhance the appearance of the school. Additionally, they come in many colors so that you can choose according to the color scheme of the child care centre.

Convert Any Area into a Comfortable Outdoor Space

You can convert any neglected area or outdoor space in your child care centre into a delightful area using shade structures. The children can use this extra space as a playground, catering, or learning area. These shade structures can be a true money saver as you wouldn’t need to put up a permanent structure if you’re on a budget. They are also a good option if you’ve not decided to construct a permanent structure yet.

Shade structures are attractive and also provide outstanding protection against the harmful rays of the sun. Prolonged exposure to the sun can cause sunburn on children’s skin, especially those under 15 years old. Too much sunburn can also cause skin cancer. Shade structures are the practical solution to deal with this problem. They filter most of the UV rays, thereby preventing sunburn and reducing the risk of skin cancer.

Shade Structures Withstand any Weather Condition

Yes, you had it right; these shade structures are engineered to put up with any weather condition. They are different from tents and canvas. Therefore, they won’t collapse easily. They stand sturdy and remain unaffected even during powerful winds.

Shade structures can resist even the weight of heavy snowfall. These structures are made of high-quality materials and can provide excellent shelter to the children.

Many child care centres don’t allow children to play outdoors during the rainy season. Shade structures have a waterproof feature and don’t allow rainwater to pass through into the shaded area. Therefore, you can allow children to play outside, even when it’s raining. You can even organize events such as parent meetings under these structures.

You don’t need to fear the interruption that weather elements like weather or sunburn can cause. Since they come in different sizes, you just need to choose according to your needs.

Shade Structures are lightweight and convenient

Shade structures are lightweight and convenient. Moreover, they are easy to install and usually require at most two days finishing the installation. Once you install them, you won’t need to do any maintenance, meaning that you’ll be relieved of the burden of spending any extra expenses.

You can treat them as a permanent structure and won’t suffer from corrosion or any other form of damage. They are sturdy and won’t compromise comfort in any way. Shade structures allow a lot of air circulation inside the shaded space. Therefore, your children can get ultimate protection throughout the year.

Beautiful Designs and Varieties

Many manufacturers provide shade structures in beautiful designs and varieties. You can use them to create a shade filled oasis in the school compound. These structures can enhance the outdoor activities of the children without putting them at risk of any allergic issues caused by outdoor elements.


Child care centre shade structures are indeed a true solution for cost-effective outdoor living. If you want to provide a space for the children to play, dine, or extra learning space, go for these structures.