Why Content Creation is Important in Web Design

Why Content Creation is Important in Web Design

Don’t underestimate the power of high-quality content creation when building websites. For example, if you type web design Dallas into your favorite search engine, the search results you will get are the result of content that matches your keywords. Not only does content help to achieve search engine visibility, but it also provides an opportunity to engage the people that visit the site.

What is Content Creation?

The term content creation can refer to a number of topics. However, the type of content creation that we are referring to is well-written copy that describes the purpose of the page. Images and videos can be considered content as well, but when it comes to search engine optimization written out content is the best way to get results.

Engaging the Reader

There are many ways to engage people as they visit a website for the first time. One of the first things people notice when they visit a site is the graphics and the headings. Brilliant graphics combined with alluring heading text is a great way to keep visitors looking.

However, how do you engage the visitors? Besides videos and revolving photographs there is the method of getting attention with intriguing statements.

You Wanna Know Something Crazy?

I just got your attention. People are curious. When you throw ambiguous but interesting statements out at them they tend to want to know the answer.

Some people refer to statements like this as bucket brigades. Some have other names for the technique, but compelling content has to do more with keeping the reader interested than writing Shakesphere quality work.

You Think That’s Crazy? Wait Till you Hear This:

Content like this works. Huge blocks of content without breaks or headings make people cringe. Nobody wants to read huge paragraphs of text without a break in sight.

Yes,  you want to have enough content on the page so that you have at least 600 words. However, if you want people to stay on the site and eventually convert from visitors into customers you have to give them a little at a time.

As a Matter of Fact!

Breaking the content down even further gives visitors a way to see the breakdown of the page without having to waste hours reading.

  • Bulleted lists
  • Numbered lists
  • Short paragraphs
  • Frequent headings
  • Calls to action

Of course, you don’t want to overdo it. People are curious, not stupid. If you keep pushing the same gig over and over they may feel as if you are baiting them. So, it is important to keep the balance between quality content writing and engagement techniques.

Content Creation for SEO

Some experts argue that you only need 300 words for a page to be considered important enough to search engines to reveal in search results. Although this could be true in certain circumstances it is important to remember that there is a lot of competition out there.

The sites that are pushing it and doing the most are going to get the results first. If there are 12 competitors’ websites out there that all have upwards of 1,000 words per landing page of quality content and you produce 300-word pages of quality content the odds are that the sites with more content will look more important to the search engines.

The default number of results for the first page of Google is 10 organic results per page. If you are competing with 12 websites and your content is inferior to all of them, you will probably not make page one.

Content Creation for People

One of the most important elements of content creation for people is the need to connect with them. When writing content it is important to keep in mind that somebody on the other end will be reading the things that you write.

For the most part, people want to feel a connection when they read. Conveying a story from the heart as opposed to trying to tell one to sell something are two different types of copy. Trying to convince a person is much different than sharing with a person.

One of the best ways to connect with other people is to be genuine. Keep in mind that not everybody is having a great day. There are people out there with real problems, real heartaches, and real feelings. If you can write in a way that brings a smile to the face of people that are having tough times, you are truly skilled.

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Authentic Unique Content

Although it might be tempting to copy and paste some great content from one site to yours not only is it unethical, it is illegal. When you copy from another site you are literally stealing their content. You could end up with an ugly lawsuit and a bunch of fines if you get caught.

It is easy for web developers and content creators to do a search and find exactly where their content has been copied. Not only can plagiarism be detected through various software platforms, but major search engines can also spot it and penalize it at any time.

The truth is that if you have to copy off of other people, you probably aren’t cut out to be a writer anyway.

Unique content is what sets one website apart from the rest. Although there are literally millions of websites out there that are similar in context, the content will always be different if it is authentic and not copied from somewhere else.

Balancing Content Between SEO and Humans

The reason why it is called content creation is that it takes a certain amount of creativity from the writer to make it sound good and be effective in search results at the same time.

When search engines crawl the internet looking for information to sort they only see digital elements. Search engines do not see words or pictures nor do they understand the context of the wording that they search through.

  • Search engines look for words and content that match search queries. People see the written content and want to read more if the content piques their interest.
  • Titles, headings, and content all need to have keywords in them in order for search engine visibility, but they have to be written out and conveyed in a way that makes sense to humans.

For example, if the pillar keyword for the page is “sheet metal processing” you would have to use a bit of creativity to create titles and headings that align with the keywords and make sense to the reader.

It gets trickier with the element of location. The title of the landing page could be something like “Professional Sheet Metal Processing in Dallas” and you could even duplicate this statement in the H1.

However, for the body content of the page mentioning the area would seem unnatural. You could write, “If you are looking for the best sheet metal processing services in Dallas, you have come to the right place.”

The rest of the content could focus on the fundamentals of sheet metal processing in the context of how the services work, the history of the process the company uses, or whatever could be engaging to an audience. The key is to use keywords in a way that looks natural without overstuffing them into statements and making it all look cheesy.


We could go on and on about the importance of content creation for websites. However, what we covered in this article are the nuts and bolts of how content and web design go together. You can’t build a website without content. People want to see more than just pictures or videos, and search engines need words to find websites. Finding the balance between what is appealing to humans and what is appealing to search engines is a monumental skill that each and every web designer should aspire to have.